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In our video Adam Fellows, owner of Goodfellows restaurant introduces the restaurant and patisserie.

Goodfellows extended video.

Our extended version shows Adam at a cooking demonstration where he shows people how to cook 3 dishes, followed by a meal, then guests talk to Adam.

About Us

Opening Times

Monday 12pm - 3pm

Tuesday 10am - 3.30pm

Wednesday 9am - 3.30pm & 6pm till 9.30pm (last orders)

Thursday 10am - 3.30pm & 6pm till 9.30pm (last orders)

Friday 10am - 3.30pm & 6pm till 10pm (last orders)

Saturday 9am - 3.30pm & 6pm till 10pm (last orders)

Sunday 12pm - 3pm (last orders

The Sadler Street Café is a little bit of Europe come to Wells, with the Europeans’ passion for good food, beverages and patisserie complemented by flexible hours and a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

You can look in for a Continental breakfast before work, break mid-morning for a tea and Danish pastry - or save yourself for the Café’s famous two-course lunch with wine for a tenner.

The Café is now open in the evenings, too, when it offers a simple meat and game-dominated menu in contrast to Goodfellows. Two courses of, say, Venison Haunch Stew followed by patisserie would cost £20, with a glass of wine included.

The style of food is classic French country cooking, with strong flavours. The Patisserie is part of the Café so patrons have a huge choice of sweet as well as savoury snacks: éclairs, fruit bavarois, chocolate tarts and truffles, and cakes made to order as well as an extensive range of wholemeal, spelt and rye breads.

The evening menu is served from 6pm till 10pm from Wednesday - Saturday so that patrons can dine before or after a film or concert in town (see Special Offers, below, and News & Events for full details).

Special Offers

Lunch offers start from £10, for a dish plus choice of patisserie and glass of wine.

Dinner: Fish of the day, plus patisserie and glass of wine, £20




" We have been going to Goodfellows since Adam opened and having eaten there so often over the years I can honestly say all the food I have eaten there has been outstanding. I even took my very fussy Mum in Law for Dinner and she raved!! Amazing because she never raves about anything! Our repeated visits say alot because my husband usually refuses to go back to a restaurant more than twice! Well done and we are trying out the Goodfellows in Shepton this weekend - all my little boys are very excited because they also get delicious food to eat and not just the usual children fayre of frozen food beans and chips... You get our vote Goodfellows! "
Recommended by Jo Main (19th October 2011)

" How amazing to find everything to please all generations in one venue. Goodfellows is a favourite for young and older in our family alike. The service is excellent and the food has always been superb both in flavours and in presentation. This is the same for the fish restaurant and the delightful street front cafe, both of which bring a flavour of the continent to beautiful Wells. There is no better venue for business lunches or for evening dining with a friend or two. The dishes are always subtly and beautifully balanced in flavour and look so appetizing and the wine list has never disappointed. The menus consist of the best of the fresh and seasonal so are short and interesting with plenty of variety. It is well worth a visit...then another....and another....and....... "
Recommended by Jane @ Probusiness, Wells (28th April 2011)

" There are three great reasons to visit the ancient city of Wells in Somerset - the Cathedral (one of the most beautiful in Europe), the market (it's been held for centuries in the town square) and the relatively new kid on the block, Goodfellows. This is a café, brasserie/patisserie and restaurant with attitude. It was bustling on the day we visited, there was an air of success and excitement about the place and the staff oozed quiet, courteous confidence. There are two sections to the restaurant, the first on the ground floor is an intimate, theatre-like space fronting the pass and the busy kitchen specialising in fish sourced from the day boats in Devon and Cornwall - if you like a front seat to the chefs' activities while you eat then this is the place for you. No room for Ramsay tantrums here just quietly spoken craftsmen talking each other through the routines of the food prep. For those who like to hear themselves eat there is a private, more peaceful restaurant upstairs away from the hustle and bustle. The lunch menu choice is confidently short and, similarly, the wine list which is well-balanced and carefully selected at prices that don't choke. The menu also included a six course taster compilation for the more ardent luncher. There is more than a whiff of la Belle France about this place, we were received and served by the very French waiter who knew what he was about. Chef Patron Adam Fellows' wife, Martine, is also French - together they bring a beneficial Gallic flavour to this West Country experience. There was excellent service throughout and good grounded advice on the wines, this kind of professionalism is not thick on the ground. My wife's a great one-courser, she thought she'd skip the starter but beautiful in-house prepared olives and home baked bread served to fill the gap. The Continental bakery provides delight at both the beginning and the end of the dining experience. We began with a complimentary surprise gaspacho, text book stuff from taste to temperature. I followed with a brilliant little ballotine of wild salmon and a silky disc of fois gras both served on dressed puis lentils and piquant sliced pickled walnuts - a dazzling virtuoso compilation as good as anything I've had in years. Next, we both plumped for Cornish brill on crushed potato with wild girolles - is there a better fish? It was matched perfectly by a very fashionable bottle of Vermentino. And so to the puds.. I played good boy and settled for an ace espresso, my wife chose from the bakery selection - plum and frangipane tarte ticked the boxes (I nicked the odd spoonful!). Adam and Martine Fellows have every reason to be proud of Goodfellows, recently voted Somerset Restaurant of the Year, it is an honest, professionally-run business, delivering delight and value for money in equal proportions. We sat between two regulars on one side and two newcomers, like ourselves, on the other sharing oohs and aahs and my god isn't this good throughout the lunch. Hospitality is live and kicking in Wells - forget Paris for the weekend break take in Wells Cathedral, the market and finish off at Goodfellows. Vous ne regrettez rien!! "
Recommended by The Truffler (1st October 2010)

" I have had the joy of eating at Goodfellows just one time. I had the taster menu and in the seafood restaurant and it was amazing. The preparation, execution and presentation of the food was second to none. The atmosphere was pleasant and unassuming. The were staff courteous and keen to ensure that your evening was as pleasant as possible without being in your face. The decor was simple, understated and without pretention which made the overwhelming good standard of the food even more amazing. This is a restaurant I would recommend to any friends or family that were to visit Wells and I certainly would enjoy eating here again. "
Recommended by Epona (4th May 2010)

" In reply to Pilton5 saying that Goodfellows should have a Michelin star, Adam Fellows did gain one when he was Head Chef at Charlton House Hotel in Shepton Mallet, but said he didn't want to be inspected for one when he opened Goodfellows. I quite agree that the standard of food - both ingredients and beautifully creative presentation - is the highest in the region. "
Recommended by Anon (2nd July 2009)

" This is a case of what you see is not what you get, the restaurant is unassuming and simple in decor, but the food is outstanding, and far outshines some of the flashier and more well known eateries, both locally and I would say in London too. Having eaten out in London a great deal, I love coming back to Goodfellows for the way respect is paid to the integrity of the ingredients. It should have a Michelin star - Top place! "
Recommended by Pilton5 (28th June 2009)